Algon has all the swimming pool products you will need for total water clarity and algae control.

Algon manufacture and supply a complete range of algae control and clarity treatment products for swimming pools - a range of products that are safe, effective and easy to use.

Manufactured in New Zealand, Algon's pool cleaning products are developed to make your pool maintenance hassle free and easy. This means no more mixing, no more guesswork, and no more mess! - just simply add the Algon product to your pool and forget about it – let nature look after the rest.

Algon’s pool cleaning products will reduce your time spent maintaining and cleaning your pool, reduce chlorine demand, reduce clean-up costs AND increase time enjoying your pool.

From the early 1980s ALGATAC was a very popular algaecide used for the control and prevention of green and black algae in swimming pools throughout Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti and Fiji.

Two further versions of Algatac were specifically developed in the 1990s to deal with the warmer tropical climates of Queensland, Northern Territory, Fiji and Tahiti. These two new products were called BLACK & GREEN and HOTZONE - they are popular treatments for the more stubborn varieties of algae and worse cases of algae.

In 2000, the original ALGATAC was renamed ALGAE KILLER. This was done to better postion the three algae products according to strength - a clearly defined progression of algaecide strength to deal with progressively worse algae problems if required, and as follows:

ALGAE KILLER (lighter strength) - best suited to treating green and blue-green algae, vinyl / fiberglass pools, and preventative maintenance.

BLACK & GREEN (mid strength) - best suited for treating black and more severe green algae.

HOTZONE (full strength) - best suited to treating black and mustard algae, or those hot humid climates with rampant algae growth.

Some pool owners prefer a non metallic based algaecide that is both effective and safe - this led to the development and introduction of a polymer based product simply known as METAL FREE. This is a very effective alternative to Hotzone, has a clarifier built in and can be used in a wide range of situations.

Algon’s Pool & Spa CLARIFIER was developed to use in swimming pools that become murky or cloudy. Using a polymer base, Algon’s CLARIFIER has been very successful since development in the late 1990s and is also an effective Flocculant.

Algon developed The Ultimate FLOC for pool owners who prefer a specialised, fast-working liquid treatment, and an alternative to aluminium sulphate or alum. FLOC is aluminium in polymer form (Polyaluminium Chloride base) and is more concentrated than other flocculants available.

PHOSPHATE REMOVER is Algon's most recent development. Algon set out to improve performance relative to other available products and reduce the clouding and clogging side-effects experienced. Algon's Phosphate Remover has exceeded expectations, performed well, is very popular and so easy to use.